About M.T.A.P.

Why More Than A Pussy?

Danielle “Dani Jay” Johnson founded More Than A Pussy, a retail brand boldly rejecting the objectification of women, in May 2017. From the male dominated workplace to relationships and the climate of popular culture, Dani Jay feels the constant battle of having to overcompensate and over justify her worth because of her gender. In 2017, Dani Jay decided to do something.


More Than A Pussy empowers women to courageously profess that they amount to more than their sexuality while honoring the power of their womanhood. More Than A Pussy is a physical and online boutique with a selection of pieces that feature the brand’s feline inspired emblem. Drawing from her Fashion Marketing Bachelor of Arts degree as well as her grown and chic personal style, Dani Jay tastefully sources and designs statement-making streetwear.


We are a small but growing brand and we care about your concerns and opinions.  If you feel the need or desire to contact us please use the form below for best response time.